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    Vedanta Vatika is available for Windows, Unix/Linux and Mac Platforms.
    You will need a Web browser that supports frames, JavaScript and Java (such as Netscape Navigator 4.0/ Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher versions)
    To view Indian Language fonts you need following versions of browsers:
      For Windows
        Internet Explorer 4.0 or above
        Netscape 4.03 to 4.76
      For Linux / Unix
        Netscape version 4.08 only.
      For Macintosh
        Netscape 4.03 to 4.76
    If this is your first visit to the site you may receive a Security Warning asking if you wish to install and run Bitstream WebFont Player. Please Click on "Yes" button to view the text in Indian Language fonts.

    Font Troubleshooting